Mr.Z , Who is he?

Rika Chandra
7 min readAug 11, 2021

A teacher, an author, film-maker, rapper….also an award winning copywriter!

Children’s Author Bob Zaslow wants to send out positive messages in all his stories, and as a natural born teacher he actively encourages kids to learn to love and enjoy reading by making content relatable, even turning Shakespeare’s text into rap! He would also like to ‘buy Bill a mead at the Boar’s Head Inn, talk about his plays and say — thank you!’

‘I want to catch them (kids) at an early age, four, Five or Six and instil a love for stories and loving’

Rika Chandra

Artist, Architect, Designer and Writer with a geeky passion for spreadsheets and a curiosity about people, history and cognitive dissonance.